1. Respect Quiet Hours and other guests.
    From 23:00 to 07:00 hours and from 15:00 to 17:30 is the time of peace. We invite every guest to be careful during these periods and not to cause noise that can disturb other guests. It is agreed that the guest will conduct themselves respectfully and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hotel premise.
  2. Damage to property
    The guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the hotel property caused by themselves, their guests or any person they are responsible for. Guests must pay the full price of the damages before their departure from the hotel premise. In case of refusal, legal intervention will be involved.
  3. Pets
    Pets are not allowed within guests’ rooms. (service animals are allowed)
  4. Settlement Of Bills
    Bills must be settled before the departure day, personal cheques are not accepted.
  5. Smoking
    Smoking is not allowed in any of the rooms or any Hotel indoors (on balconies it’s allowed)
  6. Hazardous Goods
    Bringing goods and/or storing of raw or exposed cinema films, or any other article of a combustible or hazardous nature and/or prohibited goods and/or goods of objectionable nature is prohibited. The Guest shall be solely liable and responsible to the management, its other guests, invitees visitors, agents and servants for all loss financial or otherwise and damage that may be caused by such articles or as a result of the guests’ own negligence and non-observance of any / instructions. Illegal Drugs, Gambling, prostitution, contraband,, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons, animals and pungent food are strictly prohibited on hotel premises. 
  7. CCTV
    Camera system is established in common areas, preventing illegal activity and protecting our guests and the property 
  8. Reception
    From 07:00-23:00,
    After 23:00 for emergencies we are available via phone and whatsapp at +30 6983815763
  1. Towels are NOT allowed for outside use (pools, Beach etc) 
  2. Housekeeping schedule 
  • Fresh Towels: every 2 stays
  • Linen: every 4 stays

* By Checking in at Charm Hotel, you agree to the aforementioned Regulations and hotel management keeps the right to refuse further hospitality to the Guest(s) who disturb other guests or disrespect these rules.