Top 10 reasons to choose Crete for your summer vacation!

Crete is a beautiful island, so warm and welcoming, with beaches like in paradise, mountains rising above clouds and gorges that put even the most awesome places on earth to shame. Crete is an island full of history and culture, where you can visit ancient sites such as Knossos or Agia Triada monastery. It has many small villages with unique architecture which make this destination unique among other Greek islands

1. Crete’s weather will amaze you!

Crete’s weather will amaze you!

The temperatures in summer range from 25C to 35C, while the sea temperature ranges from 21C to 28C. You can swim from the end of April to the end of October and enjoy a warm and sunny climate for 300 days per year on Crete! The beaches are world famous for their beauty, cleanliness and diversity; many offer water sports such as wind surfing or kite surfing.

2. The beaches are to die for

Crete’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are long, sandy and clean. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing and surfing. There is a beach for everyone: families with children, couples on dates or even elderly people who want to enjoy the day without worrying about their safety while enjoying all that Crete has to offer. The water is warm enough for you to take a refreshing dip after you get tired from walking around; it also offers great opportunities for snorkeling!

The sand will make your skin tingle as it brushes against it as well as provide hours upon hours of fun playing in and out of water up until dusk when its time to head back home where dinner awaits!

3. World wide famous for its hospitality

Crete is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. You will find that the people of Crete are very hospitable and friendly, so much so that they are sometimes called “people of the sea”. In fact, this is true! The Greek islands have always been popular with travelers because they offer unique experiences in their beautiful landscapes, warm weather and amazing beaches.

Crete’s hospitality makes it an ideal destination for all types of tourists: those who want to get away from their daily lives for a few days or weeks (or months), those who are looking for adventure or excitement during their vacation time at home or abroad…


4. Food, wine and the unique Cretan diet

The cuisine of Crete is a melting pot of Greek and Mediterranean flavors. Along with the traditional Cretan dishes, there are many local and regional specialties that you won’t find elsewhere in Greece.

The Cretan diet is rich in olive oil, fresh fish and vegetables. The food is simple but full of flavor; And it doesn’t take long to realize how good this food really is once you’ve tried it for yourself!

The wine scene here has also been growing rapidly over recent years; there’s something for everyone if you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up before dinner or just want something nice after dark when everyone else has left the beach party early (and why wouldn’t they?).


5. It’s a place full of history and culture

Crete is a place full of history and culture, with many ancient sites to explore. The Minoans, the Mycenaean, the Venetians and Ottomans all left their mark on the island. You can visit the Palace of Knossos or Malia for example—two villas that were once used by rulers from this era. If you’re interested in learning more about these civilizations, then make sure to check out our tour guide from Greece!

There are also plenty of other places worth visiting as well: Phaistos was built over 5000 years ago; Zakros has been inhabited since around 3000 BC; Festos was one of largest cities ever built until it was destroyed during an earthquake in 1625 AD…


6. The people are amazing!

Crete is a place where you can find the most amazing people. The people of Crete are always friendly, helpful and welcoming. They are also very proud about their island and will do everything to make you feel like home. If you want to party hard or relax on the beach, then this is your place!

The hospitality in Crete is legendary—and it shows when you visit their cities or towns! You will find everyone smiling at each other from morning until night (and even during work hours).

The Greek culture has been shaped by thousands of years of history; therefore, it’s not surprising that some things remain unchanged over time: hospitality among others…


7. The islands are numerous and gorgeous

The islands are numerous and gorgeous. There are over 2,000 islands off the coast of Crete, many of which are uninhabited. Some have villages or towns with a few thousand inhabitants and some of the most popular ones for summer vacations include:

  • Crete (also known as “Crete”) is one of the largest Greek islands with an area of 871 km2, making it one of Europe’s largest islands by size. It has an average height above sea level of 600 meters above sea level, making it quite mountainous at times; however there are also plenty of sandy beaches where you can relax after exploring all those amazing attractions!
  • Elafonisi is another popular island because it offers something for everyone: white sand beaches on one side and rugged mountains on another side so everyone can enjoy themselves here without having too much trouble finding something exciting near them!


8. It is an island for all seasons!

Crete is an island for all seasons. In summer, it’s the perfect place to enjoy swimming in the Aegean Sea and sunbathing on its sandy beaches. Autumn also has its charms: cool mornings and evenings, with clear skies and little wind. Winter is when you can visit museums or galleries in Athens or other parts of Greece without having to worry about bad weather conditions!


9. There is so much to explore!

Crete has so much to offer. There are many places to visit, activities to do and even tours you can take around the island by bus or car. You can also take a boat trip to the islands (or even rent one) or go scuba diving in the sea!


10. You will see that the life can be easy!

One of the most important things to remember is that you can have a good time without spending much money. You can relax and have fun without working too hard, so you will be able to enjoy your vacation in many different ways!

You will see that the life can be easy!


Crete is a beautiful island, so warm and welcoming, with beaches like in paradise, mountains rising above clouds and gorges that put even the most awesome places on earth to shame.

The weather in Crete is amazing. The beaches are to die for, with crystal clear waters and white sand. If you are lucky enough to be there during low season, when the island is almost deserted, then it will feel like paradise on Earth!

The people of Crete are incredibly welcoming and friendly. They love to meet new people from all over the world who come to visit them. They will take care of you as if they were your family members; they want nothing more than for you to have a good time with them!

There are so many islands around Crete that give visitors access not only to some of the most beautiful beaches but also stunning forests where one can enjoy hiking through wilderness areas or simply sitting down at an untouched beach somewhere far away from civilization (if such thing exists). With so many islands within easy reach from their capital city Heraklion (also known as Messara), visiting smaller towns like Agios Nikolaos or submerged ones like Elounda should be part of any tourist itinerary during summertime season – because who doesn’t want an opportunity like this?


We hope you will find all of this information useful, and that it inspires you to visit Crete soon!

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