Environmental Policy
ECO-Friendly Hotel
We care about the environment and we act about it.
By respecting the environment we respect ourselves.….
Taking small but decisive steps, we proceed to the following actions:
    • All light bulbs are led all over the property,
    • Saving  energy  systems are implemented for A/C systems,
    • Hot water independence by solar panels, 
    • Hot and cold water pipes are insulated,
    • One hand controlled bath taps are placed,
    • Variable linen change,
    • Waste separation of  metal, plastic, glass, paper,
    • Battery recycling,
•Soap Recycling
    • Water regulators are placed in all rooms and departments,
    • Continuous filtering of pool water and continues monitoring of the water quality,
    • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are used.
    • We comply with all the hygienic regulations 
    • We train our staff to respect the planet.
    • Willing to the greatest contribution to reducing our energy footprint  and help eliminate the greenhouse effect.

9, Filikis Eterias Street
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece 

Email: info@charmhotel.gr

Phone: +30 2897503070 
Whatsapp/Viber: +306937058475

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