Health and Safety
Charm Hotel, Hersonissos, Crete

CHARMHOTEL, always having as main purpose
the provision of services that meet the demands of its customers, the respect for the human
and the insurance of excellent working conditions.

The main motivation is:
    • The improvement of the internal operating system
    •  The communication at all levels, ensuring the
protection of the Health and Safety of its employees, guests, associates,
local society and the public. 
    • The training and utilization of human resources
In this context, the Elychryson administration is committed to:
    • Systematically monitoring and observance of compliance obligations relating
to health  and safety at work
    • Systematically identifying, assessing the health and safety risks arising from their activities.
    • Informing and encouraging their staff to actively participate, at an individual and team level, in improoving the working environment. 
    • Ensuring the protection of the Health and Safety of staff, guests, associates, local society and the public.
    • The continuous improvement of working conditions, through the development
of process evaluation and relevant indicators .
    • Promoting open dialogue and informing interested parties in a spirit of honest
and mutual respect.
Furthermore the CHARM HOTEL administration is committed to the activeparticipation of everyone involved and the provisionof resourses in every level(human - material - financial)  that will contribute improvement of working conditions
with constand care for Health and Safety.

9, Filikis Eterias Street
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece 


Phone: +30 2897503070 
Whatsapp/Viber: +306937058475

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