CRETE, a small piece of heaven on earth.
The longer you spend in Crete, the more you realize just how much more there is to see and do!
In every time of the year, for every age, any interest and culture.
It's a so exciting place to travel, and you'll love encouraging other people to visit.
Below we gathered the best and most interesting for almost every guest.  

About Crete
The island's geography:
Crete is the biggest Greek island and the fifth in size in the Mediterranean (after Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Cyprus). It extends at a length of 260km from Gramvousa (Chania) to the northeast of Cape Sidera. The total size is 8.26159sq.m. On the north there is the small island of Dia and on the southwest the small island of Gavdos, the southest boarder of Europe.
Learn about the culture and the long history of Crete:
     Some of the most prominent sights of Greece can be found in Crete: famous archaeological sights, like the palaces of Minoan Crete: Knossos, Faistos, Malia and Kato Zakros are awaiting your visit. Also you can visit several monasteries of great religious and historical important built in the 15th century or even earlier like the Preveli Monasteries on the south of Rethymnon. There are also a lot of castles in the area, most of them built during the Venetian Domination – Kasteli in Chania, Fraggokastelo in the municipality of Chania, Fortetsa in Rethymno, Heraklio Castle, Kazarma Castle in Sitia and Monte Forte in Lasithi.
     A great proportion of the island’s cultural wealth can be seen in its museums. Don’t miss out the opportunity to visit one of the most renowned museums of Greece, the Archaeological Museum of Heraklio as well as the Natural History Museum and the Historical Museum in Heraklio.
Crete: the ultimate combination of sea and mountains
     Crete is the ideal destination for all sorts of sports and recreational activities in nature. Canoeing: widely-known for its gorges, Crete is an exquisite natural spot. The top-ranking Samaria Gorge along with the Gorges of Amba, Tripiti, Kourtaliotiko, Kamaraiko, Ethia, Eliggas, Ha are only some of the options. Hiking: The countless hiking routes available, several of them inside gorges, make Crete the top destination for hiking and trekking. Samaria Gorge route, Paleochora to Roumeli route, Agia Roumeli-Finikas-Loutro route, Votomos Gorge route, Preveli Gorge route, Zakros Gorge route, Kamaraiko Cave on Mountain Psiloritis are only a few suggestions. Water sports: The cosmopolitan resorts of north and south Crete host all kinds of water sports and diving centres.

     Crete: “The land in the midst of the wine-dark sea, a fair, rich land, begirt with water...” Homer 
In modern times Cretan wine has attracted the attention and preference of public opinion. The various Cretan wines form a valuable heritage trust in complete harmony to the varieties, the diversity and uniqueness of several wine producing areas together with the long Cretan tradition in winery, have all laid the foundations for the current quality of Cretan wine which is continuously on the rise.


Wines Of Crete

Crete: "The land in the middle of the vineyards and the sea, a fair, rich earth, is destroyed by water ..." Homer

Wines in Crete

In modern times, Cretan wine has attracted the attention and preference of public opinion.
The quality and varieties of Cretan wines have earned the public trust.
The variety and uniqueness of the wines produced along with the long Cretan tradition at the winery have laid the foundations for the existing quality of Cretan wine, which has steadily rising . 

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